Designed for Sound and Camera departments
The FanPlate® was carefully designed with the sound department in mind by Patrick Tresch - cameraman - and Jacques Sax - Sonosax founder -.

The aim was to drastically reduce the camera fan noise and to avoid overheating.

The FanPlate® improves the cooling system of the Epic and Scarlet cameras by enhancing the airflow path of the camera. The temperature is kept lower, not only preventing the original camera fan to suddenly kick in at full speed. As a result longer takes can be shot uninterrupted.

The fan was carefully selected for its ultra low noise and its air flow performances so that the fan speed setting of the camera can be reduced. The camera fan speed can be lowered even in stand-by mode which is an improvement for the sound crew during rehearsals.

The airflow of the FanPlate® is maintained constant by an electronic regulator, regardless of the input voltage, and can be adjusted by its dimmer.

The FanPlate® is machined in selected aluminium, then blasted and hard anodized.
FanPlate Top view
Temperature Test

The test was performed with an Epic-X set at 5K - 2:1 - 25p - RC 6:1

Room temperature was 29,5°C / 85F, 45% of relative air humidity.

When the Core temperature reached 75°C, the camera triggered the fan speed to 100%, ending the test. The curve in red represents the result with the conventional top plate.

The curve in blue represents the result with the FanPlate®.

The FanPlate® was set at 1⁄2 speed so that its noise was equal or slightly lower than the noise of the camera fan set to 35% (31% indicated on the camera).

Product Information

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 Dimensions  100 x 122 x 25 mm / 3.9" x 4.8" x 0.98"
 Weigh  400 grams (0.88 lbs)
 Power  11 to 18V DC
 Power cord  D-Tap 47 cm (18.5 inch) cord
 Fan speed

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FanPlate® is patent pending
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